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LaNinia with new lyric video Exterminate

"Tyrant" - second full-length album by the heavy metal band LaNinia was released in late 2021. The official video for the track "Exterminate" is avail…

LaNinia - new video now on YouTube

LaNinia - a heavy metal band from Poland presents new single from the album "Tyrant".…

Ian Parry's Rock Emporium - new video

"In Isolation" is the second video taken from Ian Parry's Rock Emporium 2 "Brute Force" album.…

LaNinia - new singiel from the album "Tyrant"

LaNinia - a heavy metal band from Poland presents new single from their recently released album "Tyrant".…

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TOKIO HOTEL - Katowice

TOKIO HOTEL - Katowice

Due to the current political situation in Europe, TOKIO HOTEL's concert tour has to be postponed. NEW DATE IN POLAND: May, 22nd 2023 - Katowice, Międzynarodowe Centrum Kongresowe.


Tickets ramain valid for new date.

Tokio Hotel:"Dear Aliens, we are currently discussing on a daily basis what is appropriate to share and how to carry on with our music. It just doesn't feel right to do business as usual and we won't. At the same time music has always been a place of love, hope and unity and we're trying to find ways to keep sharing this with you. We're sure everybody understands that we can't pursue our upcoming tour as planned but we can announce today that we have successfully moved a majority of the shows to new dates in 2023. More to follow. All tickets remain valid. Sending love to each and everyone of you. Georg, Gustav, Tom and Bill."


Handwerker Promotion


Metal Mind Productions




Beyond The World Tour 2022


22.05.2023 – Katowice, MCK


Start: 21.00

Gates open: 19.30


Ticket prices - presale/at doors:

I category -  400/ 420 PLN
II category – 200/ 220 PLN

Tickets on sale:'S EDITION)


Tokio Hotel have always stood for more than just their music: For more than one and a half decades Tom, Georg, Gustav & Bill have created their very own universe & brought it to life with every single song, music video, public appearance and - above all - with their spectacular live shows.

In 2019 and early 2020, the band played 43 shows across Europe & the USA as part of their extensive „Melancholic Paradise“ tour, that unfortunately couldn’t be completed due to the worldwide pandemic. Reason enough to finally look ahead: With their brand new „Beyond The World“ tour the band announces 16 new shows throug-hout Europe & Russia.

After more than 10 million records sold in 68 countries as well as countless awards across the globe Tokio Hotel are still far away from reaching the end of their truly unique journey. A journey that started in the small city of Magdeburg, Germany, and quickly developed into a global phenomenon. But the outstanding success never was a reason for Tokio Hotel to rest on their laurels: Quite the opposite - song after song, album after album, show after show Tom, Georg, Gustav & Bill have always shifted their boundaries and kept extending the Tokio Hotel universe.

During numerous world tours the band has repeatedly set new standards in terms of their fulminant live performances. Brilliant sound productions, astonishing stage sets and sensa-tional costumes form integral parts of their incomparable top-notch live shows.

Tokio Hotel are currently in Berlin to work on their sixth, yet untitled studio album. After already releasing the songs "Melancholic Paradise", "When It Rains It Pours" and „Chateau" in 2019 their brand new single „Berlin" - another precursor of the project – is a dynamic piano ballad, thoughtful and melancholic, but also as stirring and euphoric as the city itself.

"The time from the beginning of the pandemic feels like an eternity, for our fans as well as for us. We are incredibly grateful for our fans’ loyalty and can't wait to finally get back on stage and celebrate with them," the band explains. "We've been working on the show’s set up for months now and are fine-tuning the setlist - because in addition to the songs of the last 15 years, we also want to perform lots of new songs from our upcoming album."


TOUR DATES “Beyond The World Tour 2023”

30.04.2023 Londyn
02.05.2023 Bruksela
04.05.2023 Frankfurt
06.05.2023 Arnhem
07.05.2023 Kolonia
09.05.2023 Stuttgart
10.05.2023 Mediolan
12.05.2023 Barcelona
14.05.2023 Lyon
15.05.2023 Paryż
17.05.2023 Lipsk
18.05.2023 Hamburg
20.05.2023 Berlin
22.05.2023 Katowice


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