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Subterfuge - new album to be released in May

Subterfuge - new album to be released in May

Metal Mind Productions is proud to announce the release of the new album by Death/Prog

metal band Subterfuge - "Philosopher". It is the final chapter of an unique musical trilogy started with their previous albums: "Projections from the Past" (2018) and "Prometheus" (2019). On the album the band combines death metal elements with heavy and progressive metal and additionally spiced it up with parts of saxophone. The material was recorded in an expanded line-up: Kinga Lis (vocals and violin), Mateusz Drzewicz (vocals), Tyberiusz Słodkiewicz (guitar) and Witold Nowak (guitar) were joined by Karolina Kozar (keyboards, flute), Krzysztof Marchwacki (bass) and Łukasz Dziubiński (drums). Their unique musicality, talent and ideas combined with the rest of the band created an absolutely magical mix that fulfill the "Philosopher" album. It’s an album different from what you've heard before – it’s eclectic and progressive, gentle and powerful, full of contrasts. The band announces: "We are taking you to the world of Story Metal where no one has been before, a world of light and darkness, joy and sadness, a world filled with questions that are better left unanswered..."

The release date is scheduled for May 12th 2023. First single to be revealed soon.


1. Sic Mundus Creatus Est
2. Seven Kingdoms
3. Mask Of Madness
4. Whisper
5. New Kind Of People
6. Perfect System
7. Poor Man’s Dream
8. Philosopher

1. Conflict
2. Course For Annihilation
3. Locked In Dreams
4. Letter Of A Dead Man
5. Depth Of Existence
6. Hide Your Dreams
7. No Epitaphs
8. Harmoniously Resonant



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