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Metalmania Festival 2018 - full line-up revealed

Metalmania Festival 2018 - full line-up revealed

Metalmania, a great indoor metal festival returns to Spodek Hall (Katowice, Poland) on 7th April 2018. It will be one of the most important musical events of 2018, a real treat for metal maniacs! One day, two stages, several bands from all around the world and thousands of fans!


The 24th edition of this iconic festival will be headlined by Emperor! The line-up of the main stage is now completed with Wolf Spider, Skyclad, Mekong Delta and Blaze of Perdition, while the second stage will see performances by Roadhog, Viscera///, Voidhanger and Anima Damnata.
Tickets are on sale!
Wolf Spider - one of the most acclaimed thrash metal bands formed in Poznań, Poland in 1985. Throughout the years their breathtaking releases became legendary, and their status as Polish thrash metal heroes still remains unbroken. In 1991 the band disbanded for over 20 years. Their last studio album “V”, released in 2015, features a high-octane technical thrash metal with many surprising rhythmic and melodic solutions.
Piotr "Mańkover" Mańkowski - guitar  
Mariusz "Maryś" Przybylski - bass  
Beata Polak - drums
Łukasz Szostak - vocal
Przemysław Marciniak – guitar
Official website:
Skyclad - a British heavy metal band with heavy folk influences in their music. They are considered as one of the pioneers of folk metal. The band was founded in 1990 by then former Sabbat vocalist Martin Walkyier and Satan/Pariah guitarist Steve Ramsey. Skyclad's 13th studio album Forward Into The Past was released on 28th April 2017.
Official website:
Mekong Delta is a German technical thrash/thrash metal band, formed in 1985. They have released 10 studio album with “In A Mirror Darkly” from 2014 being their most recent one.
Official website:
Blaze of Perdition is one of the best black metal bands in Poland. Founded in 2007 in Lublin the band released four studio albums.
Official website:
Roadhog - a classic heavy metal act from Poland, formed  in Cracow in 2012. Their music is a real tribute to great, old school metal bands like Accept, Running Wild, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Grave Digger with a fresh approach! Unique vocals, super catchy riffs and melodic solos are band's trademark. “The Oppressors”, their most recent album, was released in August 2017.
Official site:
Viscera/// is a psychedelic post-metal trio from Cremona, Italy. Since starting in 2000 the band has been experiencing with the combination of grindcore, black/death metal, ambient, drone and psychedelic music. Heavily influenced by late Carcass & Nasum and artcore/post-metal bands like Isis, Pelican or Neurosis, Viscera/// made their own solid and spine crushing sound which united their blasting grindcore roots with drone experiments and slow, low-tuned heaviness of extreme post-metal and sludge.
Official site:
Voidhanger is a Polish band that creates an infernal mixture of black, thrash and death metal. The band was formed in 2010 by Zyklon (Infernal War, Iperyt), Warcrimer (Infernal War, Iperyt) and Priest (Massemord, Medico Peste) and so far released two studio album "Wrathprayers" (2011) and "Working Class Misanthropy" (2013).
Official site:
Anima Damnata is a Polish death metal band formed in late 1996 as the embodiment of blasphemous scorn to Christianity and society's moral laws. Since the beginning the band glorifies perverse debauchery through the most extreme musical expression. „Nefarious Seed Grows To Bring Forth Supremacy of the Beast" is considered as one of the best albums of 2017.
Official site:
Metalmania 2018
Katowice - Spodek
Main Stage:
Napalm Death
Destroyer 666
Kat&Roman Kostrzewski
Mekong Delta
Dead Congregation
Wolf Spider
Blaze Of Perdition
Second Stage:
Anima Damnata
Kult Mogił
Inverted Mind
Special guests:
Christophe Szpajdel - Lord Of The Logos
Krzysztof "Prosiak" Owedyk
FAN - 666 PLN
VIP - 355 PLN
Red seats H, J – 260 PLN
Red seats & blue seats (rows I-X) – 220 PLN
Blue seats (rows XI and up) – 180 PLN
Standing floor – 190 PLN
Tickets available from: (collectors edition)
More info:
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