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LaNinia with new lyric video Exterminate

LaNinia with new lyric video Exterminate

"Tyrant" - second full-length album by the heavy metal band LaNinia was released in late 2021. The official video for the track "Exterminate" is available

in THIS location. 

This Polish band was formed in 2018 by two friends, Daniel Ludwiczak (guitar) and Janusz Duź (guitar). Their music is inspired by bands such as Sepultura, Vader, Biohazard and Acid Drinkers. Debut album entitled "Loneliness" (2018) is a reference to the passing of time, interpersonal interactions and what the world around us is today. It’s the album that goes back to the 90s, but it does not avoid modern sounds. New material entitled “Tyrant” consists of 11 compositions bearing a common denominator-tyranny, which is the main theme of the album. As the band explain: „In today's difficult and uncertain times, we wanted to look at this phenomenon at a wider angle and present it from different perspectives.” The album fully shows the multidimensionality of the band and what it has to offer to both Polish and English speaking listeners. English lyrics, melodic vocals and guitar groove are the most characteristic features of LaNinia. Invited guests musicians not only showed up for the recording sessions, but also took active part in the creation of the music right from the beginning and left a significant mark on the final sound of the compositions. The album includes a cover version of „Mandatory Suicide” by Slayer. „Our version of this track features Piotr Luczyk as a guest. He is a musical personality that had a big impact on the development of the Polish metal scene and made this cover even more special!”


1. Confession
2. Down With The Wicked
3. Not My Sin
4. My Tyrant
5. Mandatory Suicide (Slayer cover)
6. Eclipse Of Humanity
7. Fight Back
8. Malum In Se
9. Exterminate
10. The Dark Times Roll
11. Petrichor

Mateusz Popis - vocal
Daniel Ludwiczak - guitars
Szymon Leśniewski - guitars
Sergiusz Paszkiewicz - bass guitar
Karol Wiśniewski - drums

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