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J.D. Overdrive - new single

J.D. Overdrive - new single "Die Trying"

J. D. Overdrive, a southern metal band from Poland, return this Spring with their brand new studio album, "Funeral Celebration".

Their fifth and final album features nine brand new tracks, as well as a newly recorded version (with new, udpated lyrics) of “Come Full Circle”, a track from their 2008 debut EP recorded as Jack Daniels Overdrive. The album was released on May, 7th 2021.

New song "Die Trying" is available HERE

“Funeral Celebration” - tracklist:

1. Funeral Starter
2. The Ferryman Cometh
3. Old Dog, Old Tricks
4. Casual Catastrophies
5. On Corpses of Giants
6. Electric Pandemonium
7. Die Trying
8. Brand New Ways to Die
9. Come Full Circle (Twenty Twenty)
10. End Transmission

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