01.04.2008 11:59:25 Remastered edition of the Hateplow's debut album 

Hateplow is not an average death metal band. Although stripped from any technical virtuosities or progressive experimentation, this group offers something which is (or should be) essential for all heavy music formations -  the sheer brutality and aggression of metal enclosed in the most violent form possible. Hateplow is the ultimate death metal experience, where the only thing that matters is to bang your head and scream your guts out! The band feat. Phil Fasciana (Malevolent Creation), Rob Barrett (Cannibal Corpse),  longtime underground scene stalwart Crazy Larry Hawke, Tim Scott (Revenant) and Kyle Symons (ex-Sickness) released their debut album in 1998. “Everybody Dies” remains a great debut album by a true death metal giant. If you haven’t heard of Hateplow yet, this is the perfect opportunity to make up for the lost time.

Metal Mind Productions will release “Everybody Dies” in a new digipak edition, limited to numerated 2000 copies, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc. The album will be available on 5th May 2008 (Europe).

“Everybody Dies” (remastered)

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1154 DG
Barcode: 5907785032156
Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numerated copies)
Genre: death metal
Release date: 05.05.2008 Europe

1. Everybody Dies 
2. Stalker 
3. Prison Bitch 
4. $20,00 Blow Job 
5. Challenged 
6. The Gift Giver 
7. Crack Down 
8. In The Ditch 
9. Ass To Mouth Resuscitation 
10. Compound 
11. Ante Up 
12. Anally Annie 
13. Denial 
14. Born With Both/ Sunshine of Your Love/ Pepe Lopez song

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